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Our goal is to build the largest network of active change-makers leading to the 2020 Presidential elections. Let's create this coalition of action together and grow this movement for a just America.


Today, we are struggling to defend our fundamental freedoms after more than half a century since the height of the civil rights movement. Our communities cannot allow targeted hate and discrimination to infringe our values of freedom. Instead, we will create a collaborative effort to advance justice and dignity for all through a bold spirit of coalition-building.


This action is vital as we witness the relentless attacks on minority communities, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ and religious minorities, among others. Together, we can confront the deep pain and division in our country head-on with the Freedom Walks message: We Walk, Mobilize, and Vote. 

We can take action to create change as a movement inspired by the Freedom Riders - determined to protect, defend our rights and raise our voices via our vote. Join us along the way! 


Your support can be powerful, whether it is for the short or long-term, they are a big deal in growing this movement. We turn to you because together we can engage and inspire a movement to be active now. 

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